Saturday, April 30, 2011


"My curfew was the street lights. Mom didn't call my cell, she yelled my name. I played outside with friends, not online. If I didn't eat what mom made, I didn't eat. Hand sanitizer didn't exist, but you COULD get your mouth washed out with soap, your butt spanked and it was ok for the other neighborhood mamas to scold you if you did something wrong. ~Repost if you drank water out of a hose and survived !!! :)"
I found this on Facebook this morning.  Things have really changed since I was a child.  I remember when I was in school, if I got in trouble at school, I got double in trouble at home.  My parents did not put up with us children disrespecting our teachers or elders.   We were taught manners and who was the boss and it wasn't us.  I have been substitute teaching for the past 5 years.  I would rather do that then take a full time teaching job.  I can have a little freedom.  But anyway, kids now days have no respect for others.  I was having problems with one student and was trying to get him to mind and he basically told me that there wasn't anything I could do about his behavior.  I was just a teacher.  He told me to go ahead, send him to the principals office.  His dad would put the principal after he tell his side of the story.  There was no respect for me as a teacher, as an adult, or as a human being.    It was all I could do not to wipe that smirk off the child's face. 
When did we as a society forget to have respect for others?   Respect is an attitude.  Being respectful helps adults and children to be come successful in life.   Children take cues from adults.  Just like monkey see, monkey do.  If we do not respect others how can a child learn to respect.  Respect is reciprocal.  When we give respect, we also get respect in return. 
Society's mantra today is "what's in it for me" or "it's all about me".  I find myself thinking, when asked to work on a service project or to help someone, nobody helped me when I was down.  What am I going to get out of this.  I don't have time to help, I need that time for me.  Then I remember the scripture, "do unto others, as you would have them do unto you" so  I go begrudgingly to help but I don't give them all.  
People crave respect.  It validates their existence.  You don't have to be famous, rich, or popular to want respect.  When we give someone respect, we recognize that person has value.  Learning to respect increases harmony among family members, neighbors, co-workers, and life in general.  Just like an orchestra.  They must play in harmony.  It can only do that when each member respects the others.  They violin can not steal the flute's notes.  The trumpet cannot borrow the part of a trombone.  Each instrument must treat the notes of others in a way that shows their value.  Each must show value of the other instruments in they way they treat them.  Then, and only then, can they produce beautiful harmonies.
Learning and teaching respect requires effort, time and prayer.  I really think that if everyone of us worked on respecting others, the world would begin to play in harmony.  But the first place we need to start is with ourselves and our families.  I am worth something.  I will learn to respect myself, thus I will respect others.  Easier said than done.


  1. It is called political correctness. All the wimpy politicians concerned more for illegal law breakers than hard working tax payers. Kicking God and our constitution to the curb because now they want to re write that too! We live in such a madness I can only pray. Three of our children are in college all studying to be teachers. As a parent with good kids I feel for you. I think disrespectful brats should stay home with their rotten parents! Our political system has dumbed downed our public schools so much I am frightened for anyone including our youngest high schooler. Unless you have the big bucks to go to private schools where there is some sense of discipline you are shafted both as a parent and a child who is willing to learn. I wish I could smack that brat for you!
    On a positive note i hope you have a good weekend and I am glad you brooched this touchy subject. Parents who expect their children to be pampered and babysat at school should be beaten in public!

  2. I can only say "amen" to all that you said. I just cannot accept that there is any reason for a child to speak disrespectfully to an adult.

  3. So, so true, and well-said besides.

  4. what a sad thing that boy is learning and a sad message his dad is portraying for him to not respect adults, especially teachers! You wonder what will happen with him when he tries to get into the work field or goes on to higher education.


  5. Aggravating when the inmates are running the asylum. They know there aren't any serious consequences. And yeah, that's a lot of our problem. :(

  6. Don't get me started! I think this is one reason for all these school shootings! Parents are afraid to say Boo to their kids nowadays, Afraid they might damage their psyche or their self esteem. But look what is happening. We were respectful when we gave limits, which is really security to a child. Now a parent can't spank their child in public because someone will report them to social services!!