Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back to the house for a few days

My step-daughter has been taking care of our dog since we have been living up in the mountains.  We tried bringing Bella up to live with us but she did not like it at all.  She quit eating and barely would drink.  We made a trip down the mountain to bring her home.   She has been much happier.  Bella does not deal with change very well.  Anyway, the step-daughter texted me and asked if I would come down and watch the dogs for the weekend. She has a rat terrier.  She wanted to go camping with her sister.  It works out for me because my father's birthday is Tuesday and I would like to spend sometime with him.

Living up in a motor home has been interesting.  I didn't think I could do without all my stuff (scrapbooking, beading, quilt and crochet) but I found out that I really don't need material stuff to make me happy.  The other day I was sitting out under the awning watching the cotton fly off the poplar trees around us.  It was like watching a snow storm in July.   The cotton would dance around merrily as it covered the lawn, the motor home and everything else.  It was so relaxing to watch it fall.  Didn't help with allergies but I enjoyed it.   The other thing I enjoy watching is the birds.   We have had four nest of robins around us.   I was enjoyed watching them grow up.  With nature around us up there I have not missed my stuff.  My hubby is retired and he would like to go south for the winter, I have been dragging my feet because I didn't think I could live in a motor home and not be bored.  But this past few months, I have decided that I could do it.  I still have some of my beading stuff and do make jewelry but I don't need everything that I have.

I miss not being able to read the blogs and to be able to write.  I have learned something new from each and everyone of you.  I hope you are enjoying your summer.  I will be heading back up the mountain on Wednesday and I am ready to sit and watch the birds.