Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well H has gone back to California for 2.5 weeks.  He wasn't going to go but the manager of the RV place we worked for last month called him a couple of times and asked him to come down.  He loaded up the car and left this morning.  I have mixed emotions about him going, but it is not anything I can't work though.  I have plenty to do.  We are selling our house so I have closets to go through, baseboards and walls to be washed, ironing to be done, junk to get rid of and a few craft projects to finish.  On top of that I have substitute teaching jobs for the next 2 weeks.  My problems is I don't want to do any of it.  I am not sure what I want to do, but it's not that stuff.   I have been shouldering everything by myself most of the winter and I am tired of it.  I need a vacation and not a working one.  I need some help getting this place ready for sale.  I guess I am not feeling any support right now.

While I am on my tirade I am tired of the snow.   When the heck is spring going to show up.  I could take a bit of weather if there was some sunshine mixed in with the rain. I think the sun has forgotten Eastern Idaho.   It is just one dreary day after another.

Also, what the heck is with all the prices going up.  Gas is almost $4 here.   I went to the grocery store and paid $100 for a bag and half of groceries.   I not sure what the heck I bought that was  so expensive.  Looks like we will be surviving on beans and weenies if prices keep going up.  Yum.

Wow, that felt better.  I don't usually  throw pity parties, but I decided I was entitled to one.  Thank you for listening.  I can now go do some ironing. 


  1. Best thing about a blog? You can throw any kind of party you want... including one of the Pity variety.
    And if people don't like it, they can click next blog. Or not read it.

    And then there are people like me who send long distance (((hugs))

  2. (((Cindy))) I totally understand, LOL. You do have a lot on your plate and having to tackle it alone is never fun. Take what you have to do in small chunks and try to do a bit every day and it will get all done. Wish I could be up there to help you declutter, etc. But you will get through this! And plan for something fun after everything is done, even if it is just one or two days for yourself.

    Hope your husband is safe in his travels. It does get tiring with the weather; hoping it warms up a bit with no snow soon!


  3. Bless you I do know the feeling of not wanting to do anything that needs to be done around the house.... and I really don't like doing it by myself...I want a vacation too...let's just run Don't know that I wouldn't have put my biggest foot down and said no to my hubby.....have you thought of hireing some help...I have actually been thinking about that.
    Good luck with your house work. God Bless Trish

  4. We all HAVE to have pity parties once in awhile - it's good for us - so we get the emotions out - and then we can go forward! I know hoe you feel!

  5. You are more than welcome to share. We have all been there. I think you should have put in a good movie rather than heading for the ironing board though.