Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 Good Things on a Monday

Here's how it works:

  1. Think of a particular group of good things you want to make a list on, does not necessarily have to be about books, e.g. your current book wish list, or your favorite book foods (you know, foods you love to eat while reading, if you're like me), or your favorite girly names, whatever you can think of, as long as it makes you feel good.
  2. If you have no ideas for a list, you can always visit my blog post to check out my theme for that week and you can take a cue from my list.
  3. Post your list on your blog, grab that cute ARGH button above and put it on your post too, so we'd know you're doing this meme.
  4. Leave the link for your post on my own 10 Good Things post for the week, if you see others doing it, comment too and let's share our good things with everybody.
  5. Everybody goes through the whole week happy.
Sometime I just like to sit down and watch TV.   I don't want to have to think about things.  Here is a list of my most favorite TV shows:

1.  NCIS

2.  CSI

3.  Law and Order SUV

4.  Boston Legal

5.  Big Bang

 6.  Law and Order

7.  Fairly Legal

8.  Charmed

 9.  Survivor