Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Need A Little Help

Ok I will be the first one to admit that I do not have very many smarts about computers and copying links.  I need some help.  I have noticed these cute little links on other blogs, like the Wordless Wednesday, Meet Me on Mondays and etc, but I do not know how to copy them and paste them on my blogs.  Can some out there send me some directions.  I would appreciate it very much.  Thank you very much.


  1. Go to the link you want to copy. Cut it out (I use Control C). Click on Edit post. Go to the word or phrase you want people to click on. Click on he chain icon on the tool bar. A box will appear. Paste the link there. (I use Control V).

    Hope this helps!!

  2. II see you got help here already, but let me know by my blog or e-mail and I will be glad to go into detail with you as well. Good luck!