Monday, January 31, 2011


I am in heaven, yes in heaven.  We have had 3 days of sunshine.   I love it.   It is colder, than cold but I love the sun.   I opened all the drapes and let the rays come in.   Did I say I loved it.  I can feel all the endorphins running through my body.   I felt so good, I opened the door to my craft room and started to put it back into order.   Man do I have a lot of fabric, scrapbook material and beads.   After my Christmas projects, the place looked like a whirlwind hit it.   It's starting to look better.   I think by tomorrow it should be back in shape. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful day and tomorrow will be a better one.  


  1. Lovely to meet you Cindy. Looking forward to being a friend and follower.
    Hope your having a great week
    TAke care

  2. I love the sun too Cindy - changes the outlook on everything. sandie