Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Kids

Beautiful Bella.   She loves being outside

Yancy guarding his food bowl.   He just had surgery and wanted to be fed.

Pete wanting attention.  He's my lover boy.
Pete loves his bed.  Upside down and all.


  1. Aren't they the cutest! Pete looks funny in his bed upside down like that! lol I'd like to invite you to share this post on my Tuesdays' Show & Tail. I'm sure all of the corgi loving people that follow my blog would love seeing some more corgi cuteness! If you'd like I'll link the post for you. Just let me know.

    Have a Great Day!

  2. That is so cute! Simply love your corgi photos - and the last one is the best one!!!

  3. That Pete is cracking me up! What sweet babies you have! I am so glad I came over, you really brightened up my evening! Anne

  4. I love Bella--she is beautiful. Cute blog! If you get the chance, come visit us at Verde Farm :)

  5. oh how sweet! i love your cuddly babies! thanks so much for joining my blog, looking forward in following you!

  6. cute kids! Where would we be without our "babies!"