Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday Wish

I would like to start a new tradition in my family, instead of receiving birthday wishes, I would like to leave one with everyone.  My birthday wish is, that all may have peace and happiness in your life.  That you may wake up every morning with health and the strength you need to accomplish life's struggles.  That you have love in your life.  My greatest wish is, may the Lord be in your life.  That He may keep you safe in His arms through the trials and tribulations that may come.

Thank you for being my friends.


  1. Thank you - I appreciate that - and the same blessing to you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Happy Birthday to you and what a lovely tradition to begin!!!

  3. My son made a beautiful cake for me a few years ago. Roses and everything. And on the top of the cake, in his most flowery handwriting was this lovely sentiment:

    Put another wrinkle in your birthday suit.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. What a wonderful wish. Happy Birthday to you!

  5. love your start of a tradition! Happy birthday to you; I hope you have a great day! All wonderful wishes you left us with too!!

    enjoy your special day!


  6. That is a great tradition. My new tradition is to stretch my birthday celebration to last a whole week!
    Happy Birthday