Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Brother

"Life is short but sweet, you only get to live it once, so love with all your heart, smile with all your might, and laugh with all your friends and live life."
I borrowed this from a friend on facebook.   The only way I would change it would be "to laugh with your family and friends".  I talked with my brother today for over an hour and the whole time we talked, I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt.  I haven't laughed that much in such a long time.  We shared stories about growing up, things at work and of course politics.  We poked fun at ourselves and the rest of the family.  The poking at the family was done in fun, nothing that was hurtful.  I love my brother with all my heart.   He is the baby and I am the oldest in the family.  When he was born, I was sixteen.  My mother had the baby blues and I ended up taking care of him quite a bit.  I am sure that a lot of the neighbors that he was mine.  Nobody picked on my baby brother.  I remember one time he got into fight with the neighborhood bully.  At the time, my brother was very scrawny and the other kid was big and heavy.   When I heard of the fight, I had run over there and protected my baby brother.  Nobody was going to beat him up.  I let the kid know that next time he wanted to pick a fight he better think carefully about who he chose to pick on.  Because if he picked on my brother again, I was going to knock him down and sit on him.   Very lady like of course.   I know and my brother knows that wherever we are we can call on the other for help and we will come running.  In fact that goes for all of my family.   We are a one for all and all for one family.   If you take on one, you take on all of us.  I am so lucky and honored to be part of such a family.   Love you family.
My brother doesn't like his picture taken.  I had to take it in a hurry that is why it's blurry.


  1. That is neat that you have such a great relationship with your brother! Do you live close by to each other? It is also neat too because sometimes when there is that big gap in ages, it is hard to 'connect' but it sounds like you guys did just great with it! You are right, family is so very important indeed!


  2. Oh my gosh - I am so glad you have your brother and you are that close to one another and that he has YOU!

  3. I am the oldest of 6 in a family of Italians and my fathered taught us to have each others back no matter what. Although we are not equally close to each other we know we have support. The stories that fly when we get together sometimes makes me tinkle in my pants.(over 50 will do that to you) lol
    You are blessed.

  4. So wonderful to read - Glad you have him in your life! Brothers (and sisters too!) make a lot of difference and I can't imagine being an only child.

  5. What a special relationship you have with your brother and all of your family. I can't think of a better way to spend an hour than laughing with your brother on the phone.