Sunday, February 6, 2011


It's a very sad day.  Actually a sad week.   First my Aunt passed away, and tonight I had to put my baby down.  I wonder if the Lord really knows how much we can bear because I feel I can't handle much more.

My baby has not been feeling good for a few days now.   He quit eating about 3 days ago.   I tried everything to get him to eat.   The vet gave him some pills for infections, but he didn't seem to get better.  My husband has been gone for 3 weeks and he was suppose to return home today.   I know my poor baby was waiting for his daddy to come home before he died.   My hubby had been home no more than an hour, when Yancy started to have seizures.   It broke my heart when he would howl after having one.  We called the vet and rushed him in.   There was nothing we could do but let him go.   I petted his brow and told him it was ok for him to cross over the bridge.  I told him to go find Billy and play to his hearts content, that I would see him later.   I kissed and held him while he went. It is very hard losing a fur baby.  I have never had children, so these little souls are my children.   I feel like my heart is breaking.  A part of my family is missing. 



  1. I'm so sorry! I'm crying right along with you even though I didn't know Yancy. It is one of the hardest things to go through the loss of a treasured pet. I do believe that he waited for your husband to come home so your husband could comfort you through this difficult time. I pray that you find some kind of comfort in knowing that Yancy is running free and no longer in any pain.


  2. Oh my goodness. I'm not sure anything I could say would help. I haven't had to go through this yet, but I know it won't be too long. My pet is older and...? My heart is breaking with you. But, I'm so glad you visited my blog and that I could let you know that I care. Wish I could give a real hug, but this will have to do...(((hugs))) Debbie

  3. Our hearts are broken for you. This is so hard for those of us who love our fur kids. Our corgis are 11 and 9, and we realize that the day is coming. They give right to the end, don't they. Our lives have been enriched once touched by our corgis. Blessings, and sharing in your pain, believe me....

  4. My heart feels for you - I was scared when you first said baby - whew - but I also know our pets are our babies - I am so very sorry from the bottom of my heart.
    Hope hubby is with you now.
    Love, sandie

  5. Dear Cindy, I am so sorry that you have lost your little one. What a hard thing to do. I am glad you didn't have to do it alone and that your husband got to see him again. I was so scared yesterday. I took Maddee to the vet tonight and they took some blood. She hasnt' had anymore seizures that we know of. She seems to be acting fine. Hang in there. I am so sorry for your pain. Lisa

  6. oh cindy, i know how you feel, i am so sorry for your loss! i don't have kids either and all of my babies are just like human children, even my deer. i pray you find some peace as time goes on. please know you have a friend at farm tails who is thinking of you!

  7. I am so sorry about your beautiful fur baby. Prayers for you and your Husband. Blessings, Joanne

  8. Oh no :-(
    I'm so sorry - what a beautiful friend your Yancy was. Oh, I know so well how you are feeling... these precious souls ARE members of our family, our children, our beloveds. I'm so sorry for your loss. How lucky Yancy was to be a part of your family.

  9. What a sweet boy! I can only imagine how hard it was to loose him. My three girls are like my children and I dread the day that I have to let them go. Especially the oldest one, Hanna, she is my heartdog.