Friday, February 4, 2011


Today is a sad day.   My mom's sister died last night.   It was blessing.  She was full of cancer.  It was in her liver, pancreas, colon and kidneys.   She was in the hospital for awhile, but she didn't want to die there.   She raised such a ruckus until the doctors said she could go home.  He grandsons are EMTs and they were the ones that drove the ambulance to take her home.  When they came to her street, she asked them to turn on the siren so everyone would know she was coming home.   My aunt loved fun and her family.   She told the family that she wasn't going to go until my mother got there.  My mom drove 12 hours to get there.  When my aunt, saw my mom, she smiled and said she could go.   She died within few hours.  She will missed.   She was always in the center of the fun.   She loved to shop.   She knew where every bargain was.   She was very generous.   When she found a sale, she would buy an extra for her sisters.   She loved her family.   They were her life.

I know that she will be met on the other side by her mother, father and brother.  What joyous reunion that will be. 


  1. HEY...I hadn't heard this. Which great aunt of mine has passed away?

  2. So glad that she got the ending that she wanted after being so ill. She sounds like she was a good gal, and will surely be missed by all of you.

  3. Sorry to hear of your Aunt's passing. It did put a smile on my face to hear that she had that kind of spunk to ask for the siren to be on when she came home. I'm so glad that they did that for her. I'm glad that your mom was able to get there to be with her before she passed. She sounds like she was a great lady.


  4. i am so sorry for your loss of what sounds like an amazing woman. i like her spunk. she sounded fun. i despise cancer. it seems like everyone knows someone that has suffered from this horrible disease. it was great that she could be home and that your mom made it in time. i find that very interesting that the dying can hold out like that...take care.

  5. I think death for us here - is bittersweet - we are relived that they are not suffering anymore - but for us - it hurts.

    I am so sorry you lost your aunt and your mother lost her sister.

    She sounded like a wonderful woman with such a great sense of humor.


  6. Earthly goodbyes are so very hard to say...until we think of the heavenly hellos to come. May God grant you a peace about this.

  7. and...I'd like to invite you to follow my blog. It's spiritual in content...I believe you'd enjoy it as I have your blog for some time now.

  8. It is a blessing to know they are not suffering any longer....I know I just lost my mother a week ago. Trish